Two Months

You’re two months old, my little sugar peas!  You’re both about 6.5 lbs, and haven’t lost too much of your hair other than the spots you’ve rubbed off on the back of your heads.  The lanugo is leaving rapidly, and both of your eyes are turning blue. 

Since my eyes are blue, and so are the donor’s, I’ve been expecting blue-eyed babies since you were embryos, but apparently the general public doesn’t “get” genetics too well, and keeps asking how on earth I can be sure of that.  They also ask if you’re identical.  And am I sure that you’re not.  (You look different enough that Grandma, Auntie Starbuck and I can all tell you apart easily, plus you were transferred back at 5 days, which is too late to split into two totally separate babies/sacs/placentas.  You’re not identical.)  

We had professional pictures taken this morning, and you both behaved admirably for a good two hours, and no one even peed on the photographer!  Can’t wait for the proofs.

You took your first road trip yesterday (to Grandma and Grandpa’s) and did beautifully.  I tanked you up with supplemented bottles (like you get at night) and put you in your jammies, and you slept the entire way, with Piper between you in the backseat.  Aunt K (who rode along with us) was quite impressed.

Life has settled into a rough schedule of feeding (breastfeeding every 2-3 hours during the day, and a bottle every 3-4 hours at night), changing (we’re in cloth 100% of the time now) and now a bit of play.  You’re both enjoying the bouncy seat (preferably together) and the vibrating function soothes your little overstimulated nerves nicely.  You both stay awake now after feeding sometimes, so that you’re awake and content for a good 90 minutes or so broken up during the day.  Fortunately, you’re both great sleepers and fall right back to sleep after a bottle and a change at night.  You both love your sling, and have the occasional hour or two at night when you just can’t settle, and take a nap on my chest.  Can’t say that I mind that.  You’re both still on apnea monitors, but since they never go off anymore, I’m feeling OK about stopping them soon.   

Chloe is less of a fusspot these days, although she’s still easier to get riled up than Emma is.  OTOH, she settles easier.  She’s a bit more of an eater, in general, and we’re wondering if she’s part dalmatian due to the number of tiny hemangiomas that are sprouting.  She loves her binky (note to Santa Claus) and heaven help the caregiver who leaves home without it.

Emma is still pretty content, but once she’s mad, watch out world.  She has a harder time settling down, and generally doesn’t want the pacifier once she’s upset (she’s even managed to throw it across the room a few times, although it’s certainly by accident at this age.)  She’s discovered the mobile over the pack & play, and the television (uh oh) so I can’t wait to see what she thinks of the Christmas tree.

You’re both great fun, and I’m so happy that I have another month at home with you before I head back to work!

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One Comment on “Two Months”

  1. Natasha Says:

    They sound so wonderful! I am glad you ladies are settling in!

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