Take A Memo

Confidential to Piper:  Just because the bucket of clothespins has fallen off of the dryer, that doesn’t mean you should devour them while I’m feeding the hairless puppies.  Thank you for at least leaving the metal bits, as I really didn’t want to go to the vet tonight.

Confidential to Chloe:  I’m glad that you poo.  Really, I am.  But did you have to project it a good foot from the changing area onto my pants?

Confidential to Emma:  Your sister?  Not food.  I really don’t think she appreciates you sucking on her head/hand/shoulder/what-have-you.  I’ll feed you, I promise.

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2 Comments on “Take A Memo”

  1. kim Says:

    Hairless puppies? LMAO. Awesome

  2. isothegoldenegg Says:

    Glad I wasn’t drinking anything. It would have come out my nose. Glad you are retaining your sense of humor in your sleeplessness.

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