Election Thoughts

Top five positive thoughts on last night, in a nutshell:

1)  My congresswoman (who has a record of doing very little constructive, and likes to walk out on important meetings, and is generally a twit) was defeated by another woman who is a friend of the family and who I like very much, and who will be a great asset.

2) It’s vanishingly unlikely that Hillary will ever be president.  I am, however, keeping my Defeat Hillary t-shirt (with hammer & sickle graphic.)  You never know.

3) My dad won his local race back home (and no, no links…pseudoanonymity much?)  It’s a good position, anyway, and the other local races back home went relatively well, too.

4) Any excuse to order a pizza and watch my favorite pundits (Bill Kristol, Brit Hume, etc.) is good enough for me.

5) Finally, and this is a hat tip to the boys at Powerline – The next time there’s a hurricane, it will be the Democrats’ fault.

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3 Comments on “Election Thoughts”

  1. Care Says:

    Heh….well, at least you can come up with a few positives. Other than having finally voted for a winning presidential candidate, much of the other results depress me. Our state managed to re-elect Inhofe, despite widespread belief he is an idiot. And on a State level, Sally Kern (the lady who announced that homosexuals are a greater threat to our nation than terrorism) was also re-elected. I realized last night that I live in the reddest state in the nation. Any wonder I don’t fit in. And the ballot measures that passed like the ban on foster and adoption in Ark for all but married heterosexuals, or the ban on gay marriage in FL, and Prop 8 in CA, those all depress me. And people in OK were closely watching the ballot measures to end affirmative action – wouldn’t be surprised to see that on the ballots here before long. Sigh…I’m a gloomy gus today.

  2. Care Says:

    PS – Yeah for your Dad, and your family friend!

  3. rainbowmom Says:

    You found some positives. Way to go. You did better than me.

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