Telegraphic News

1) Doing the washing-of-new-things for twin girls results in pink dryer lint.  I think I can safely say that I’ve never before had pink dryer lint. 

2) Increasing one’s pumping schedule from 6-7 times/day to 8 times/day (coinciding with baby’s feeds) and adding three breastfeedings a day and eating almost an entire batch of chocolate no-bake oatmeal cookies over the course of two days then skipping a pump at the 48 hour mark (when, at least for me, the effects of any recent milk supply changes tend to kick in) may result in frantic googling of engorgement + fever when one notices shivering and a temp of 100.  They keep you out of the NICU for a temp of 100.  Don’t tell, internets.  I promise not to go if I have real symptoms of communicable disease (other than the boobs that ate New York City.)  And yes, I’m watching for symptoms of mastitis.  No problem there, yet.

3) Chloe is up to 4# 10 oz today, which is a nice 1.5 oz gain in 48 hours.  Go Chloe!  She’s also an excellent sleeper (knock on wood) and very snuggly.  And has shown, on her recent car rides, a fantastic developing musical sense.  David Archul3ta causes crying, Rob Th0mas stops it.  Need I say more?

4) Emma finished her first entire bottle on the 25th, and we (the nurses and I) think that her suck/swallow/breathe is improving.  She’s gaining, too (4# 8 oz) and is an absolutely lovely baby.  The smiles after her bath when snuggling in the blanket and being lotioned were adorable, even if they are reflexive.

Off to feed & diaper & get some sleep before I do it again in three hours.  This is the most fun course of sleep deprivation, ever.

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2 Comments on “Telegraphic News”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I think pink dryer lint is wonderful! I am always so impressed with nursing twins, add pumping on top of that and go you! I think Chloe sounds a very intelligent girl already, lol! Can’t wait to see all three of you together again!

  2. Dianna Says:

    Chris laughs because we do 3 pink/red loads to every 1 load of anything else. We have LOTS of pink dryer lint in our house, and now so do you 🙂

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