Three Weeks

Big news first:  One Chloe monster is currently sleeping in my dining room (in her pack & play) after a good nursing session.  I brought her home this afternoon, after she passed her car seat test yesterday, and had successfully taken in 150 ccs per 12 hours of milk or similar off-white substance (Neosure.)  I’m still waiting for the baby cops to show up and tell me that I’m not really allowed to have her, because surely I’ll damage her somehow, but we’re a few hours, and two feedings in, and so far no one’s been crippled.  Piper is certain that Chloe will spontaneously combust if allowed to chirp/cry/fuss/hiccup for more than 0.3 consecutive nanoseconds, and whines at me accordingly.  It goes something like “Woman, go fix that hairless puppy.  It’s making noise again, and interrupting my beauty rest.”  Kind of cute, actually. 

Emma monster is still a guest of the NICU.  I’m more than a little sad at the idea of her being alone up there, but what can I do?  She’s working on her suck-swallow-breathe combo.  At this point, she chugs milk for 5 or more swallows in a row, seeming like nothing so much as a State U student with a beer bong, then pants like a puppy for 10 seconds or so to catch up.  Obviously this is not a good long-term strategy.  We’re hopeful that she’ll figure it out in the next few days.  She’s taking 20 ccs of her feeding this way, so I’m guessing she’ll catch on.  She is occasionally nursing, as well (and we did one tandem feed the other day, which went relatively well, considering) and does a fair job at that.  We’ll see how nursing goes once she has more coordination.

Current stats:  Chloe is 4 lbs 9 oz, loves to eat (routinely takes up to 2 oz of milk at a shot) and continues to be the baby who fusses until her problem is solved, then just looks around at you like “what?  who me?”  Emma is 4 lbs 5 oz, and remains a generally non-fusser (including the unfortunate episode in which I accidentally bumped her head on a shelf while bathing her) but has incredible facial expressions which leave no doubt about her opinions.  They’re both darling, and I can’t wait until they’re both home with me. 

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12 Comments on “Three Weeks”

  1. Natasha Says:

    How wonderful! Beautiful picture! I know Emma will join you soon and can’t wait to see that pic! Its crazy how fragile they seem but how tough they really are. You made some beauties!

  2. Sugar & Ice Says:

    What wonderful news! Hopefully they’ll both be home before you know it.

  3. Jo Says:

    Awww … look at that puddin’! I’m so glad you have Chloe home, and hope Emma won’t be far behind her sistah.

    My Lucy dog acted just like Piper the first night home. Was just beside herself every time a baby let out a cry. She got with the program pretty quickly, and proceeded to lay under the bouncy seats whenever the girls were in them, or lay her head up on it. Nanny dog Lucy. Although Piper seems like she may feel a bit put out, like this little usurper might snare her diva spot in the household! I’ll bet she gets that protective thing going on before long. She is a terrier, after all.

    Congratulations! I hope Chloe lets you sleep at least a little bit tonight.

  4. Kim Says:

    I’m so happy for you to get Chloe home!!! I’m sure Emma won’t be far behind but I know that it will be hard for you to have them apart for the time being. The one nice thing about preemies is that in general they pretty much sleep between feedings without much complaint. Hopefully C and E read the preemie handbook and will comply with this so that you can ease into it without TOO much sleep deprivation (said from the mom of the now three week old term baby who insisted that his mother not get ANY sleep last night or even a nap today.. luckily he is passed out now and his mama is following suit very soon!). Hugs to all THREE of you!!!!!!

  5. Jade Says:

    You look so happy — not snarky at all….congrats on bringing chloe home.

  6. Jillian Says:


    (I wish I had something more intelligent to say, but I think that word manages to convey the excitement!!)

  7. Dianna Says:

    Welcome home Chloe! And you look fabulous, my dear 🙂 Not at all like a sleep-deprived mama of 3 week old twins. Consider me jealous – and ever so happy for you! Tell Miss Emma to save the beer-bong days for college and get that munchkin home too!

  8. Christina Says:

    Great news that Chloe is home! I’m sure Emma will be there soon too… and this way you get to sort of ease in to the 24 hours of baby care thing, right? You’re doing great!

  9. Michell Says:

    Congrats on having Chloe home. I hope Emma follows quickly in the next couple of days.

  10. Care Says:

    Hairless puppy – heh. Glad Piper seems to be adjusting well too. And a big yippee for having Chloe home! Hope it won’t be much longer before Emma joins you at home too.

  11. Amy Says:

    Too cute! I hope Emma can join you at home very soon. 🙂

  12. kristi Says:

    I’m so glad you were able to take Chloe home, but I totally understand how sad it makes you to have Emma still in the NICU. Hopefully, she’ll be able to join you home soon.

    Congrats on taking home one of your beautiful girls!

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