One Week Old!

Babies are doing great. No more TPN or lipids in their IVs, and they continue to decrease their IV fluids as they take more and more in their tubes. I’m changing diapers, taking temperatures and holding for feeds now, which is just wonderful. And, as you can see in the pics, we now have fashion choices, as well!

I’ve officially been nicknamed Elsie the Cow by the family, after pumping 3-5 oz per session for the past day or so. Moo.

More intelligent posting to follow, at some point. Maybe when the kids are in college?





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11 Comments on “One Week Old!”

  1. Calliope Says:

    they are looking so good!
    & well done, Elsie. Well done!

  2. Christina Says:

    Oh they are SO beautiful!! And they look really good… I bet they’ll be coming home in no time!

  3. Krista Says:

    Just so stinkin’ cute!

    PS. If you’d like to share, I’d love to hear.
    My e-mail addy is
    I do love the names Emma and Chloe though. LOL!

  4. Kim Says:

    Oh, Kate.. they are darling! Glad they are doing so well. Hopefully they will be home with you soon! 🙂

    LOL, I too and feeling like I’d be right at home in a dairy! I know Max is getting plenty from his HUGE wet dipes and constant pooping but until I pump I don’t realize HOW much! No wonder he only takes one side sometimes! 🙂

  5. kristi Says:

    They are beautiful! Happy pumping.

  6. Michell Says:

    They’re very cute!!

  7. Care Says:

    They are so adorable! I was showing their pics to the boys last night….their reactions:

    E: When are you going to have another baby?
    C: Babies? Ewwwww!

    Clearly going to be a while before I can start planning the wedding for C and C!

  8. Natasha Says:

    They are beautiful! Yay for lotsa milk!

  9. Lawmommy Says:

    Oh, they are so beautiful, really, K, they are gorgeous. That’s excellent news – copious milk is a good thing.

  10. Nicki Says:

    OMG a bow!!!!! And yay for mama milk!

  11. rainbowmom Says:

    awwwwww! They’re such little peanuts. How sweet. That’s awesome that you’re doing so well with the pumping.

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