Misc Bits

1) I heard Piper out in the yard this morning squealing at something.  I assumed it was a cat/squirrel/other fauna sitting in a tree or on the fence and tantalizing her.  So I waddled (in all my manatee-sized glory) to the door to bring her in, wearing only a t-shirt and underwear.  At which I saw that she was, in fact, yelping at some utility worker on a pole at the corner of the yard.  Let me express my most fervent apologies to Mr. Anonymous Lineman here.  No one should have to see that vision so early in the morning.  Props for not falling off of the pole in shock. 

2) My grandmother (the one with dementia) let me know last night that what I really need for these babies is a couple of good bassinets to put them in in the car.  She says that they’ll be too crumpled up in the car seats, and that that can’t be good for them.  (In a tone that sounds as if they’ll be permanently deformed and forced to become junior Quasimodos.)  Of course, this is a woman who thought that Obama vs Clinton was a local race, so perhaps her advice is somewhat suspect. 

3) My blood sugar just a little while ago (2 hours after lunch) was 64.  I think we might be over-correcting things just a tad.

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