Plus Minus

The best of the past 24 hours:

1) We celebrated Starbuck’s 31st birthday yesterday, with a trip to Outback (mmm…steak) and an ice cream cone.

2) Little miss B’s heartbeat was found waaay farther south than previously, and I can no longer feel a hard little skull under my liver, but rather something more butt-like.  Dare I hope?

3) I won one of the coveted Halloween sleepers for just 99 cents!  Now to get one more…

The worst of the past 24 hours:

1) Waited 3 hours in the OB’s office.  It was Friday afternoon, and he’d had several deliveries/etc due to being on call, and that’s not usual, but all that sitting in hard chair = owie.

2) I definitely failed the 3 hour glucose tolerance.  So now I get the joy of accuchecks 4 to 6 times per day, and daily glyburide.  And, of course, minimal/no sugar or etc. for the duration.  I’m going to miss my mellowcreme pumpkins and apple cider.   

3) My pelvis has apparently decided to come apart at the seams, and I can just barely walk.  Some of this is attributable to the chair in #1, but it’s mostly been creeping up for days.  It took me three tries to get out of the booth at Outback last night.  Am considering hiring a crane to follow me around and lift me out of chairs.

OB stats:  Watson 140, Crick 144,  BP 132/82, weight remains stable at + 13.  Forgot to ask about fundal height (we were too busy discussing NSTs) but am sure it’s 40+ at this point.

Four more days until the 32 week fiesta!

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3 Comments on “Plus Minus”

  1. Katty Says:

    If you want any advice on handy things to have around the home for the single mother with twins, just send me a note…..

  2. kristi Says:

    Ugh. Bummer on the glucose test results. But think of it this way, you probably only have 6 weeks or so of the tough dietary restrictions. I can’t believe you’ve only gained 13 pounds!

  3. Natasha Says:

    32 weeks is awesome! I was diabetic with my middle boy and it was not horrible. You can do it!

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