I Dream Of Livestock

You know you’re either pregnant, crazy or on mind-altering drugs when:

You dream that you’ve been given a tiny calf (the size of a human infant) by Weevil Navarro and have been assigned to breastfeed it as part of your work duties. 

And no, I didn’t watch Heroes last night.  I did watch Veronica, but whither the calf and the work-relatedness?

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One Comment on “I Dream Of Livestock”

  1. Lawmommy Says:

    Well, I will cop to having had a dream or two about Weevil Navarro (er…Francis Capra, circa season 1 VM, so, so, so very very yummy), but, never did he ask me to nurse livestock. (Gotta love those pregnant dreams.)

    I’ve heard that Francis Capra is guest starring on 2 episodes of Heroes this season. 🙂

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