Two Random Thoughts

1) Reruns of WKRP in Cincinnati are better (and cheaper) than psychotherapy. Anyone else remember that show? As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!!

2) Why do people (and by people, I mean other parents/preggos with twins – not just Joe Blow at the gas station) insist on this bizarre theory that term for twins is earlier than term for singletons? It’s not, kids. Yes, twins generally come earlier, but they’re not magically term/mature/ready to hatch at 34 weeks just because there’s two of them. So no, barring extenuating circumstances, scheduling a c/s at 35 or 36 weeks just for grins isn’t a particularly good idea. (There is some good data that supports a slightly earlier induction/c/s date at about 38 weeks, as blood supply/placentas can become insufficient a bit earlier with two than one, leading to negative outcomes – but not at 35 weeks!) 34 week twins are just as little/fragile as any other 34 weeker, and just as likely to go to NICU, etc.

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3 Comments on “Two Random Thoughts”

  1. chris Says:

    huh. interesting. my ob told me term for twins was 36 weeks and that some of the systems develop more rapidly (i.e. lungs) due to a “more vigorous” in utero environment! we had an amnio at 36 weeks and found that the lungs were mature. had a scheduled c-section at 37w0d, as we knew that a) the babies were big and b)a vag delivery was not in the cards with baby a coming out butt first (she was flipping right until the end!!). the babies were born at 5 lbs 10 oz and 7 lbz 10 oz. no placenta or fluid issues in utero. no o2 needed, no NICU time needed after birth. they both came home with me three days later.

  2. elowyn Says:

    37, sure. 37’s term no matter how you call term – but 35? There’s apparently a ton of debate on whether term is perhaps a smidge earlier due to increased stresses/etc in utero – but it’s not 34w, kwim? And hey, I’d be thrilled with 37. I’ll be thrilled with 36! 😀

  3. Michell Says:

    When I worked NICU our nurse educator had a saying “close to term, close to trouble.” We frequently got the 35 to 36 weekers for a few days (especially after a section) because of poor transitioning. Anything earlier than 35 weeks automatically came to us.

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