30 weeks yesterday! Woo hoo!

Tuesday: The glucola was gross. Rancid orange koolaid. Seriously felt like sugar shock, and then they accu-cheked my venous blood sample and decided to call the OB’s office before they’d let me leave! But of course wouldn’t tell me (just the dumb patient) the number. Lovely. OB’s office was apparently unimpressed, so they let me go home.

Wednesday: After all the sugar drama, the lab still hadn’t faxed my results to the OB as of my late-morning appointment. On the bright side, things continue to look good (we don’t bother with the cervix these days – that’s the peri’s department for now) with good HRs (Watson 148, Crick 156) and a 38 cm fundal height, and minimal weight gain. (Unless you ask my bathroom scale, which says I’ve gained 4 lbs this week? Bizarro.) Talked to the OB about delivery (consensus is c/s unless both are vertex. Watson’s been vertex right along, but Crick’s breech and has been for awhile, and after weighing the pros/cons/etc, I’m ok with the c/s. I may try to talk Crick into flipping, with the flashlight trick or something, but no harm if not.) Talked about, and started, steroids for their lungs (just two doses.) And am now on weekly OB visits + biweekly peri visits.

Today: Went back for my second steroid shot (and how much nicer are IM shots when not self-administered? Much.) Turns out my “OMG awful” 1 hour result was 176. Not great, sure, but hardly “run! run! run for your lives!” But that’s the lab for you. So will be doing the 3 hr on Monday after the steroids wear off a little. I’m guessing I’ll fail it, but hey, whatever. And my hemoglobin is 12.5, so go me! Other than the valet service losing my car key, which they eventually found, not a big trip out of the house.

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4 Comments on “Thirty”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Just as someone who has delivered both ways: I’d really be working that flashlight if I were you. No, a cs isn’t the end of the world, but oh my gosh! The recover was not fun.

  2. Nicki Says:

    Woohoo!! you hit 30!!!!!!!! Two more weeks is your first big goal right? If you try the flashlight trick, I can’t wait to hear if it works. I’d assume it would be harder for a multiple to turn? Or no? Planning for a c will make it go a lot smoother, at least.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Congrats on 30 weeks!!! That’s an amazing achievement with mere millimeters of cervix!

  4. Natasha Says:

    Hooray for 30 weeks! Thats awesome! Agreed on the cs, recovery is not fun, I had one with my youngest, but you gotta do whatcha gotta do, right? You’re doing great, mama!

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