1) Found going-home outfits at BRU on Saturday (just little Carter’s one-pieces, and actually had one already, but found a coordinating one *and* coordinating hats, which were on clearance.)  Will edit in some pictures tomorrow.  Suffice to say, they’re cute.

2) Up at 4 a.m. today contracting and uncomfy and debating about going to L&D, but took another nicardipine and drank enough water to float my eyeballs, and they quit.  Still doing OK now, so I think it was a false alarm.  (Well, OK other than the being tired & up since 4 a.m. part.)

3) Colostrum ahoy!  It’s only righty for now, but I’m sure lefty won’t be far behind.

4) Glucose tolerance tomorrow.  Yummy orange.  Plech.  Let’s hope that I pass, because an entire fall on bedrest, with Lovenox *and* no sugar?  Too horrible to contemplate.

5) It’s genuinely cool out tonight (as it’s been off and on for the past week or so) and someone’s burning a fireplace.  Mmmm…

6) Up 12 lbs as of today. That’s up from the 10 lb plateau from about 20 weeks until now.

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2 Comments on “Miscellany”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I always love shopping for coming home outfits, it makes the birth seem so close! You look wonderful, I am jealous, I gain a ton when pregnant.
    Woo! for autumn! I am so tired of roasting. Summer in Georgia sucks!

  2. Hope Says:

    Glucose results???

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