Choosing Names

I’m narrowing down name choices, but have a little comment poll for y’all.  How do you feel about a first/last name combo beginning with the same letter?  The names themselves aren’t terribly similar (i.e. we’re not talking about Robin Robertson here) but do start with the same letter.  The other twin’s name would start with another letter entirely.  Thoughts?

Also, I’ve added a twitter link to the sidebar.  (Look over there!  It’s amazing!)  I’m planning to set it up to text in updates, primarily for once I’m in the hospital (since if I’m particularly early, it may be multiple days between admission and delivery) so that you all can have your updates.

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6 Comments on “Choosing Names”

  1. My maiden name started with the same letter as my first name, so, until I got married, my initials were “G.G.” I liked the aliteration, and occasionally was called, “Gigi” or “G-squared” as a nickname, which was not bad, as nicknames go. My last name was VERY Scandinavian and fairly long, but, I’ve often thought a shortened form of it, along with my first name, would be a good pen name, because of the two G sounds together….just my two cents.

    PS – Can I beg you to name the twins Lilly and Veronica? (Kidding!)

  2. Natasha Says:

    I think its fine. What was most important to me when naming my boys was that their names flowed. If they do, then go for it! Also my boys all have one syllable names, its kinda our thing, lol. Can’t wait to “meet” the little darlin’s!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I have the alliterative name thing going on, and I’m not a big fan. But I had a boyfriend who also had the same thing (but with different letters) and I didn’t mind his name at all. Nor do I think it sounds bad on anyone else! So I think some of my not-so-hot feelings come from me just not liking my name in general, rather than the initials. Of course, it doesn’t help that there’s that whole SS stormtrooper connection. Bah.

    OK, so on the whole I am for it, but I think it depends on the actual names and the initials. Not sure I’d like OO for example. Then again, I went to a doctor once whose initials were OOO and he named his company Triple O -something or other. Which was kind of clever.

  4. Care Says:

    I think as long as both names flow nicely and go well together, then it doesn’t matter if one has the same first and last initial. So long as they aren’t rhyme-y, and I can’t see you going that route!

  5. HeidN Says:

    I say alliteration rocks!

    Mom of Victoria Violet

  6. Shae Says:

    My initials are SS. I always feel like I have a speech impediment when I say my name to other people. There are two S’s in my last name, so that’s a total of 3 S’s in just a few syllables. Wouldn’t be my first choice. But, my 1/2 sister is DD and I like that much better. I think it really depends on the letters and the names. The fricatives are tough in a row (s, f).

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