Doggie Nostalgia

I just finished getting the video camera ready for the impending arrivals (no time soon, let’s hope – but better to be prepared) and happened to look at the old video I’d used to test the thing out two years ago when I first bought it.  It was a video of Piper and my parents’ two dogs (one of whom is now begging dog biscuits in heaven) scampering around my house/yard. 

Piper, of course, heard the audio and was absolutely inconsolable with whining/yipping at me to find the other two, who surely must be here somewhere, because she can hear them!  Pretty funny, and a nice little saved memory of my parents’ late scottie, who was so very wonderful.  Sniffle.  She died back in April, after a bout of pancreatitis, and I never got to say goodbye.  At least I have those four minutes of tape.

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