Very Baby Weekend

My weekend:

Saturday the 6th – baby shower.  Great fun.  Starbuck & Aunt K pulled off a great party.  Many fantastic gifts (high chairs, bumbos, pack & play, swing, years’ worth of clothes) and only one return needed (wound up with four high chairs.  Oops.)  Pics are on Starbuck’s camera, so will post those later.

Sunday the 7th – L&D visit/prenatal class.  I set up a private class with one of the L&D charge nurses, and it was really helpful.  Starbuck went with me (so now she knows where the ice machine is) and we got the low-down on all of the routines for multiples, NICU, etc.  I still have a sliver of hope that we’ll escape the NICU (36 wks is the magic milestone, or October 29th) but it’s good to have seen everything, regardless. 

And today, I’m utterly exhausted (imagine that) and spending all day lying on the couch with almost zero “up” time.  Peri appointment tomorrow.  Back to rest now.

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3 Comments on “Very Baby Weekend”

  1. Elaine Says:

    Okay, when I first read this I thought you meant you had your SIXTH baby shower on Saturday. Stinkin’ lot o’ loot that would be! Glad you are set for gear and goodies. Keeping my fingers crossed for Oct. 29th for you and the babes.

  2. Nicki Says:

    Eeek you are getting really REALLY close! Hang in there! First goal is just within reach!!!

  3. Natasha Says:

    Wow! Sounds fun! I can’t believe how close you are getting!

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