Let’s Fight Cancer*

I’m all for people raising money for cancer research and all, but this “let’s fight cancer” thing just strikes me as scientifically…wrong, somehow.  You can’t fight all cancers with the same tools – it just doesn’t work.  Cancer is such a heterogeneous group of diseases, with such a wide variety of pathologies and outcomes.  It’s like saying “let’s fight viruses” and lumping rhinovirus with ebola.  But maybe it’s just me.

*For the record, anyone wanting to raise money for any reasonable sort of research to fight any sort of nasty disease is cool by me.  More power to you.  I’m just being a nerd for semantics.

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One Comment on “Let’s Fight Cancer*”

  1. FoodyMom Says:

    I used to think that, until I started researching it. Genetically, many of them seem to be tied. It’s kind of interesting. But, yeah, I see your point.

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