28 Weeks

We’ve cleared a big hurdle, and the girls are still on the correct side of my abdominal wall.  FWIW, I have a sneaking hunch that they’re both vertex now, as all the kicks are pretty high on the belly, with only tiny movements down low.  (Thank heavens for no bladder kicks!)

We saw Col. Sanders today, and had a decent report.  My BP’s crept up a bit (132/80) but no other symptoms/signs, so we’re watching it.  Watson’s HR was 144, and Crick’s 158.  Fundal height 39 cm.  I’m staying on the Lovenox and nicardipine (no more baby aspirin) and continuing bedrest.  The best estimate, based on the current rate of decrease of my cervix, is that I’ll deliver at 30-31 weeks. 

This, naturally, scares the pants off of me (well, not as much as the idea of 22, or 24, or even 26 weeks did) so I’m just taking a day at a time.  My short-term goal is 30 weeks, and after that am going for 32.  I’d say it’s safe to say that we’ll have September or October birthdays, though, rather than November.  Good thing I didn’t invest in a bunch of topaz…

In the meantime, I’m working on the Christmas stocking, have a bunch of birth announcement envelopes to address, and am lying on one side or the other for the vast majority of my day.  I’ve ordered some preemie books from Amazon, so that will be good.  And my baby shower is this weekend (yay!) so I’m quite excited about that.  28 week pics to follow.

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5 Comments on “28 Weeks”

  1. Dianna Says:

    Seriously. Email me and let me come over! I’ll bring food and whatever else you need. I can take the doggie for a walk. You name it, I’ll do it. Just keep those babies in there a bit longer 🙂

  2. Jillian Says:

    Oh boy! Er, or should I say, “Oh girls!” *grins* Best wishes and prayers for safety are being sent your direction. 😀

  3. vee Says:

    Nice work! Now for 30 and beyond.

  4. Natasha Says:

    Good work, mom! Lord, I miss those wonderful baby kicks! Enjoy!

  5. Care Says:

    Yeah for getting past another milestone date! Hope your BP doesn’t keep creeping up, and glad everything else besides the cervix looks good.

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