Random Sunday

1) 26 wk visit with Col. Sanders this week.  FFN remains positive, everything else is fine, measuring 34 wks.  And oh, btw, I now have “protein S deficiency” to add to my comprehensive list of diagnoses.  It’s a genetic clotting disorder, so I’m set to go on Lovenox injections daily once my insurance approves it and decides to let the pharmacy fill my rx.  Woo-ee.  I see the peri on Tuesday, and am 27 weeks (third trimester!!) on Wednesday.  Rah! 

2) Piper’s been sick since Friday with some sort of stomach thing, but now is doing better after a vet visit, some antiemetics and antibiotics and prescription gentle-on-the-tummy canned food (that she thinks is wonderful.)  She’s more her normal self today, and appetite is definitely back, so here’s hoping she’s on the mend.  Poor pup.

3) I’m washing my diaper stash (the covers and FBs are going round-and-round the dryer as I type, and the stuffers are waiting for the dryer.)  I ordered some newborn prefolds, and they’re due to arrive tomorrow or Tuesday, and once they’re washed I’ll be totally set.  For any CD geeks, I’m doing newborn CPFs (from Green Mountain) and Thirsties XS covers initially (especially since I’m nearly guaranteed to have tiny newborns, at least this time) then will go to small Fuzzibunz with infant CPFs or other stuffers once they outgrow the Thirsties.  I have a whole bunch of infant CPFs, so may get a few Thirsties or similar covers in bigger sizes, and do some CPF-ing too, along with the FBs, but we’ll see.

Off to switch the laundry, then back to the recliner (this afternoon it’s Veronica Mars and working on some reindeer on the stocking.)  Also need to work on the babies’ nanny’s letter of reference for nursing school, which is only half-done, but that’s a computer project and I’ve been up at the puter long enough for now.

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One Comment on “Random Sunday”

  1. Katrina Says:

    What dosage Lovenox? I have two boxes (20 syringes) of 150mg/ml that I have no idea what to do with. Probably too high for you, but if it would work, email me and I would gladly mail them to you. They don’t expire until sometime in 09, I think November if my memory is correct…

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