Random Thoughts

Two random things, tangentially related by mostly/entirely naked people submerged in water:

1) The Water Cube?  Not a cube.  I suppose Water Polyhedron is a bit nerdy-sounding, but seriously, it’s not a cube!

2) A very small (25 week old) person is, at present, literally kicking me in the ass.  No one mentions this in the pregnancy books or the common pregnancy lore.  Bladder, sure, but the back door?  Never heard about it.  Now you have.  Consider this my public service moment for the day.

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One Comment on “Random Thoughts”

  1. gypsygrrl Says:

    (1) you are a nerd.
    (2) this is too funny!!! i am sorry i am laughing at the thought… (and i am sure any future babies i may have, will return the favor and i will think of you then)

    glad you are doing well on the bedrest and all… i check in and read your updates but am bad bad bad at commenting.


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