Peri Update

Saw the peri today, and my cervix still looks about the same “at rest” but has a fair bit more funnelling when “under stress” (pushing on the fundus) so it’s continued off-work/modified bedrest for me. I’m absolutely fine with this, if that’s what we need to do for the babes. Heck, I’d hang upside down by my toes like a bat if necessary. The financials of it suck (no short-term disability, despite my best efforts to get it last year) but we’ll survive. And the peri actually wants me up a little more than before (shocking) so may have actual time to post rather than mostly just reading!

U/S confirms two girls (and I have photographic proof for their first dates…bwa ha ha) and they’re both around 750 grams (1 lb 10-11 oz) and right on target. 50th percentile for all of their measurements (heads, bellies, arms, legs, etc.)  So all that’s good.  A’s head-down, B’s breech, which is perfectly fine for now.  Both were little wiggleworms thanks to the OJ I had before my appointment (and nice heartbeats at 154 for A and 146 for B.)  And aren’t they cute?

Oh, and I’m about 90% sure that we have names.  But then there’s the other 10%…

Baby A

Baby A


Baby B

Baby B

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9 Comments on “Peri Update”

  1. Christa Says:

    I am so glad all is well. I am praying they stay happily inside for a little longer.

  2. Calliope Says:

    very relieved that things seem to be getting better and going well.

  3. Jade Says:

    Amazing pics – sounds like you are doing everything you can, keep taking it easy!!!

    wishing you all the best!

  4. Christina Says:

    oh my goodness they are all kinds of adorable!! Congratulations, and may the rest of the pregnancy go better so you can get off bed rest soon!

  5. Dianna Says:

    Awwww… so sweet! Keep resting and grow those babies!

  6. Natasha Says:

    Beautiful little girls! Keep up the good work, mom! Can’t wait to hear their names!

  7. knittermama Says:

    You are doing great! I cannot wait to hear names too. 🙂

  8. Lawmommy Says:

    Oh, they are adorable! Keep them in there as long as you can. Can’t wait to hear the names.

  9. rainbowmom Says:

    Ultrasounds amaze me. Beautiful baby girls! Sounds like you’re doing great.

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