Bed Rest Update

24 weeks today, still pregnant!  Hooray!  Now we go for 26 weeks.

I saw the OB yesterday, and will be seeing the peri again on the 11th.  Fetal fibronectin was positive (which means little given I’ve got multiples – a negative would have been a nice “extremely low chance of labor in the next two weeks” but a positive is just a “well, something might happen, but maybe not.”)  No cervical u/s, but am otherwise okay (BP, fundal height, HBs, etc.) Will have a repeat u/s (and growth u/s on the girls) on Monday at the peri’s so am just waiting on that to see what the further plan is. Cervix is still way up high, and probably inaccessible for a cerclage (and we’re getting late enough that that makes less and less sense to do – risk/benefit analysis and all that.) 

Not contracting too much, not going too crazy (too much crazier?)  I’m taking nicardipine three times a day, and that, combined with lots of resting and plenty of water seems to keep the contractions at bay. I’m cleared by my OB & peri for “modified” bedrest (down for several hours, up for 30ish minutes, down again for several hours, etc.) This really translates to getting the essentials accomplished (dishwasher, making simple meals, dress/shower, dr appointments, brief trip to the pharmacy) and not much else, but I’m ok with that. Am mostly hanging out on the couch or in the recliner (depending on how irritable the ute is that day – some days lying back in the recliner still makes me contract and I have to side-lie all day, others not so much) and reading books (our library delivers!,) watching tivo’ed stuff and netflix movies, working on the second christmas stocking for whichever twin (have one done from several years ago) that sort of thing. 

Have a few other handwritten posts that I’ll put in at some point, but only have so much “up” time without contracting.

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4 Comments on “Bed Rest Update”

  1. Clemency Says:

    Well congratulations on 24 weeks, sending your uterus calming thoughts as we speak. PLEASE don’t waste any contractions on updating, use them on cleaning the toilet or some other essential.
    Seriously, hopefully your support people are swinging into action and they know how essential it is to keep the girls in for as long as possible.
    Sending virtual casserole.

  2. Sugar & Ice Says:

    Yay for making it to 24 weeks!! Aside from the fetal fibronectin test, it sounds like everything went as well as could be hoped for. I’ve been shocked that my neither my OB or my peri has done a fetal fibronectin test on me yet, and I’m 29 weeks with twins. It’s crazy. I know it’s not a sure bet kind of thing, but it’d be nice to know that there was a risk.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Congrats on 24 weeks! One hurdle down, many more to go. But hopefully the modified bedrest will help and maybe the ute will calm down soon – or is that maybe too much to hope for? Thank goodness for Tivo, Netflix and libraries that deliver, though!

  4. Jillian Says:

    Lacking practical advise I will instead say, “SQUEE!” for vicariously getting to be excited about your babies!

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