The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:

OB appointment on Tuesday was utterly uneventful.  Nice HRs (148 for Watson, 160 for Crick), measuring 34 weeks (!!) and scheduled to go back on August 5th.  I saw one of Col. Sanders’ partners, which was nice to meet another member of the group.

Watson finally decided to show off *her* goods at an unscheduled sono that we had on Wednesday.  That’s right.  Her.  Two girl beans cooking, now, for certain. 

Both Watson and Crick cooperated beautifully for the postoperative NST on Thursday.  Very unusual for a pair of 22 weekers to stay on the monitor so well.  I knew my children were precocious.  😉

My blood pressures have been excellent, and the medication for contractions (nicardipine) is working well.

Saw the perinatologist today, and everything’s stable.  No further shortening.  I’m allowed up some, although I’m to continue to “take it easy.”  No work for the foreseeable future.

Am very happy with the local peri, and with the two OB partners (it’s a three person group, and this was my OB’s week OOT on vacation, naturally) for their care.  Great care, all the way around.  Sufficiently aggressive, without overreacting. 

I’m still pregnant, 22w5d today.

Nine more days to 24 weeks.

The Bad:

After UTI-type pain, weird cervical “feelings”, a funny EWCM-ish discharge and general tingling of my intuitive antennae, I talked the nurse at the OB’s into a cervical sono on Wednesday.  Lo and behold, cervical shortening.  I was admitted immediately, saw the perinatologist (lovely man, btw – pseudonym TBD) within an hour or so, and was kept for monitoring overnight and a cerclage.

Came home Thursday night on bedrest, and did that other than bathroom/shower privileges until this morning.  Lying on one’s left side gets reeeeally old after awhile.

No work = no pay once my sick leave’s gone, but I’ll take no pay over micropreemies (or worse) any day.

Nine more days to 24 weeks.

The Ugly:

Bedpans in the hospital.  For 24 hours straight.  Administered by perfectly-coiffed barbieish (but nice) OB nurses, while one feels like an absolute filthy cow and would kill for a shower.

It took six (SIX) tries to get a spinal on me (something about an aberrant vein) which sucked mightily.  Well, the first five tries were horrible.  The sixth, that actually worked, wasn’t bad at all.  Go figure. 

My cervix is apparently located somewhere around my left nostril, and was so very high up as to be inaccessible to actually *do* the cerclage after the spinal.  The peri tried, oh my did he try, for 45 minutes or more, to get it in an accessible location, but no dice.  (You can’t just grab it with a tenaculum and yank, like during a hysterectomy, as it’s already shortening/friable and they don’t want to cause more damage/put you into labor, particularly since the large uterus requires so much more force to pull around.)

Nine more days to 24 weeks.

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15 Comments on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

  1. Michell Says:

    Yuck. I’m sorry this is all happening now, or at all. Hope bedrest goes ok and that things hold on for a while longer.

  2. Calliope Says:

    9 more days…

    congrats on having an all female tribe brewing!

  3. rainbowmom Says:

    Two girlies, yea! Funny how she decided to wait until you weren’t asking to show off her girlie bits. Sorry you had to endure the hospital stay. A hospital stay sucks enough on its own, let alone pregnant.

  4. vee Says:

    Nine days. Counting with you. Hang in there. I hope the bedrest works its magic and you last far longer than 9.

  5. Dianna Says:

    First of all – no mentions of ‘yank’ and ‘hysterectomy’ in same sentence from now on, k? I’m still a tad fragile 🙂

    Second – Next time you’re in the hospital, you call me and I shall arrive with books and other distractions.

    Third – While you’re on bedrest, see #2 above and same shall occur. You know my last name… and we’re in the phone book 🙂

    Fourth – Two girls!!! Whoo! Keep baking them – they aren’t as cute now as they will be in a few months 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Lawmommy Says:

    Oh, very scary. I’m glad they are still cooking. Just concentrate on keeping them cooking. (Okay, I know you cannot control your uterus by sheer force of will, but, dammit! Try!)

    But, congrats on two girls.

    Oh, for your viewing pleasure while you are stuck lying in bed, there is a show called “Life” on NBC – I missed it when it aired, but, NBC has put the whole first season (13 eps) on it’s website, and it is very much worth watching.

    Do you have a Nintendo DS? Those are also good for when you are stuck lying in bed.

    Sending you good thoughts!

  7. Care Says:

    Ouch on the six sticks to try to get the spinal in! And darn that cervix for not cooperating too.

    I think Watson and C will get along quite well, both being contrary sorts. We can plan the wedding later. :-p

    Thinking all sorts of postive thoughts for you, and hope Watson and Crick are still doing the hokey pokey in there until Halloween at least.

  8. Jen Says:

    Here’s hoping that it’s not just nine more days your girlies stay inside, but at a minimum at least TEN TIMES that. (That would get you to 34 weeks, which is what I’d feel comfortable with since I had a 34-weeker who did great.)

    It’s difficult worrying over every day, I know, so just try to take it one day at a time. Hang in there!

  9. Sugar & Ice Says:

    Yay for double girls!! Welcome to the club :).

    The shortening cervix is something I’ve been so scared of ever since I found out it’s twins for us. I hold my breath every time they check mine.

  10. Clemency Says:

    Oh, gosh. I’m glad your girls are healthy and well, and hope so much that your cervix keeps it up for a while longer! Hopefully, with lots of rest and the cerclage, things should settle down. Bugger about the work/pay thing though. Thinking of you.

  11. knittermama Says:

    Congratulations on two sweet little girls! How are you all doing today?

  12. Oh, no. I am sorry you’re struggling with a shortening cervix (and the hospital experience sounds hideous). But HOORAY for two girls… stay in there, Rosa & Lind! 😀

  13. Natasha Says:

    Woohoo for two girls! How sweet! You gals are in my thoughts!

  14. Sarah Says:

    Very scary cervical shortening stuff. And the tales of them trying to do a cerclage? Yikes! I’m glad you’re allowed up a bit now, but definitely hope you keep ’em both cooking for a good while longer. But two girls? I just have to say a quick YAY for that! I’ve always thought it would be easier to have two the same sex than one of each for some reason – but then again, I know nothing, so that’s just my own conjecture.

  15. Megan Says:

    Congrats on the 2 girls! Girls are so much fun!

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