Pantries and Protein

I’ve officially started drinking protein shakes in an attempt to better-nourish Watson and Crick.  The recommended protein intake has moved from almost-attainable to not-so-much as the unoccupied space in my belly has shrunk (after being completely unattainable during the all-day sickness phase) so I’m resorting to the next best thing.  For any interested parties, the EAS 100% Whey Protein chocolate shake (available in a great purple vat in the nutritional supplements area of Tarzhay) is pretty decent mixed with 16 oz of skim milk.  (And nets one 39 grams of protein.  Rah.)  Just FYI. 

In other news, I cleaned out my really scary pantry over the past two days.  After throwing out two kitchen-sized garbage bags of crap (microwave popcorn expired in 2005, bag of chocolate chips melted by sitting next to the heating duct, dried fruit ca. 2006 which had begun to mummify, a couple of scary-looking sprouted potatoes, etc.) I have a neatly organized pantry in which I can, amazingly enough, find things.  And put away the cereal.  Yahoo!

With such excitement at Chez Snarkpot, don’t you wish you were here?

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2 Comments on “Pantries and Protein”

  1. gypsygrrl Says:

    just an FYI about the whey protein shakes… they really must be consumed within 30-mins of mixing, because the protein disintegrates afterwards (learned this as a weight-loss-surgery person who could not drink 16-oz/30min and had to sometimes 1/2 or 1/4 how much i drank)… so hope this helps!


    (dont know if you know this already, but figured better to share info you know than have you drinking all that stuff and not know)

  2. Natasha Says:

    My pantry looks like that about once a year and only lasts about 3 days, lol!

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