Technically last week (19) was half-baked, given that Col. Sanders is disinclined to allow my pregnancy to continue past 38 weeks (and given the stats both from him and my own research, I agree – I certainly don’t buy into the “my OB says I have to/won’t let me” mindlessness.)  But for my due date, I was officially half-baked on Wednesday the 9th. 

I had an appointment that day, I was right on time, with my jar of home-collected urine (that’s how my clinic rolls – they give you a new specimen cup every visit, and you’re to bring it back at the next visit.)  I had a nice blood pressure and happy heartbeats (Watson = 148, Crick = 140) and was half-asleep in the exam room (worked Tuesday night, y’know) when the nurse came to apologize that Col. Sanders was going to stand me up, what with some baby needing delivered or some such.  Can you imagine?  A baby needing to be born vs. my *very* important utterly uneventful prenatal visit?  Humph.  (I jest.)  So I go back in 2 weeks to see one of the other partners, then will be back with Col. Sanders in a month.  Good times. 

In other news, I’m coming around to the idea (after googling “girl ultrasound” and “boy ultrasound” and looking at a bazillion images) that Watson may, in fact, be a girl and/or androgynous robot.  So, I’m keeping the few boy things that I’ve acquired (and the associated receipts) but am buying/looking at/thinking girl for the next few weeks.  Clearly I’m to believe that Crick at least is a girl, so any girl stuff can be used by her. 

There is the issue of names, as I’d pretty well settled on names for a he and she, but don’t have a firm second girl’s name that “goes” with the first one.  Not that I’m looking for rhyming or anything, but a certain harmony of style would be appropriate.

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2 Comments on “Half-Baked”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Twin girls sounds wonderful too!! Yay for a healthy appt.!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I like the names: Brianna, Holly, and Marissa.
    Meatloaf also freezes well.

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