I swear, these children have had more peeks at their genitals than any nearly-20-week fetuses in history, and yet Baby A/Watson is still a troublemaker.  I’m thinking I should set aside extra budgetary money for all the bourbon I’m going to have to drink to get through his/her toddler and teenage years.  For reals.

Coworker S, formerly of radiology, managed to sweet-talk the u/s tech on call last night into taking a quick peek at the kids’ goods.  B was, once again, behaving herself just fine, and is still a “her”.  I think we can safely rest on that one.  But A, my sweet A, was still breech (batting 1000 there, kid, not that it matters yet, but…) and lying on his/her side, so as to disguise the genitals as thoroughly as possible without the aid of last week’s umbilical cord loin cloth.  But the tech persisted, and never did find any boy parts, despite ultimately getting an OK look at the vicinity, leaving her to believe that A is a she.  Or possibly some sort of androgynous robot.  Will check again later, at some point, probably between now and my next u/s in late July (or possibly not.)

Back to work tonight.  Hope it’s a little better than last night, because I’m still tired after sleeping all day.  I’ve upped my iron, so let’s hope that will help.  And the work scheduling issue is a total non-starter, as best I can tell, so I’m going to discuss it with Col. Sanders when I see him tomorrow, and let him restrict me in any way that he wants.

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3 Comments on “Watsine?”

  1. Care Says:

    Well, doesn’t that just figure?! Watson(ine), Watson(etta), hmmm…. I think Watson (he or she) is destined to make your life very interesting indeed.

  2. Amy Says:

    The plot thickens! Sounds like you may be team pink after all 🙂 Sorry A wasn’t cooperating… hopefully both our babies will flip and behave (head down) from here on out.

  3. Sugar&Ice Says:

    Girl twins are going around you know :).

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