Random Wednesday

1) The raspberries are ripening!  This was my dessert last night – fresh-picked red raspberries.  Num.

2) Confidential to the weirdly-dressed man (I think – despite the teeny-tiny shorts, I’m unsure) in Wendy’s yesterday:  It’s considered unpleasant to intentionally upend one’s drink, just to make the lady taking up trays clean it up. 

3) Crick has decided she really likes to kick and wiggle in there, so that I’m feeling her now pretty much daily.  Watson, OTOH, is pretty quiet (either that or usually kicks his placenta or something, so that I don’t feel it) but when those little feet hit the cervix?  Owie.  Hi there, son.  Could you stop that, please?

4) The grandparents decided to buy W&C a snap n’ go stroller.  I’m too worried about jinxing things to open it, mind you, but they bought it and it’s here.  The wall of the dining room now has many boxes, with two infant carseats, a swing and now the stroller.  It’s good, though.  And maybe after the next u/s I’ll get up the courage to open one of them.

5) I’m considering changing my name to Rip Van Winkle.  I can sleep for hours on end (with frequent wakings to pee/roll over & rearrange pillows, mind you.)  I think my job’s taking it out of me, and am pondering what to do about decreasing my work schedule, and when to do it.  I know I’m cutting down to 36 hrs/wk next week (hurrah) from 42, but that won’t be enough for very long.

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