I’ve thought long and hard about this, and sincerely hope no one will be offended.  I’ve had an internet pseudonym for quite awhile (and have used it more and more, phasing out my “real” name on all but one semi-private, nongoogleable message board.)  I didn’t want nosy IRL folk googling me, and am pretty well satisfied with the results. 

Now that I’m well on my way to spawning a couple of new people, I need to think about what to call them.  They have names at this point, which, with their middle names, are pretty easily googled.  Further, I just don’t feel comfortable using non-consenting others’ “real” names on the blog, at least not on a regular basis.  So, the kids need pseudonyms.  I’ve never done well with reading blogs using a lot of initials.  It’s confusing to me.  Alternate non-name names work better, but I’d really rather not post about Watson & Crick forever, and as I really do enjoy abbreviations, it’s inconvenient to me to start a post about Watson, then have to remember to abbreviate his name to W (rather than, say, F, for the child’s real name.)

Long story short, I’ve decided to use same-initial, similar-but-not-the-same internet names for the kids, and plan to reserve their real names for IRL (obviously) and private email.  So on boards, blogs, etc, they’ll each have one consistent name, and unless we’re emailing privately, the “real” names won’t be posted.  I may post a password-protected post here & there, with their birth announcement, etc, but nothing for the general public/google to associate with these kids as they grow up and want to do their own thing, without prospective employers googling their diaper rash stories.

So now you know.  I’m not trying to deceive anyone, but I feel like my little ones deserve to make their own way in the world, without my blog as their baggage.     

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6 Comments on “Pseudonyms”

  1. 😀 I had tech probs with computer and I had to show my son’s friend ( a techy who works for my internet provider) my blog as reference. LOL. I know! The baggage thing, I understand.

  2. Clemency Says:

    How could anyone possibly be offended by this? It makes perfect sense.

  3. knittermama Says:

    I think you are wise. I use pseudonyms for my children’s names online as well.

  4. Michell Says:

    Makes sense. I would worry about putting any names out there also other than mine.

  5. Christa Says:

    I am a long time reader but this is my first post. I think this makes complete sense. We are parents of 2 DD (14 & 11) and ttc #3. I would not want to put their personal information out for all to see (or search).

  6. Melissia Says:

    I understand, I have an unusual spelling of my first name and a very rare last name and am the only one in the US. Couple that with showing and breeding a rare animal and you could find me if you wanted to, so I totally get it and I don’t have two small children to protect.

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