16 Week Ultrasound

Watson (a.k.a. baby A)

Crick(et?) (a.k.a. baby B)  – note the waving hand

Everyone had the appropriate number of kidneys, three-vessel umbilical cords, four-chambered hearts, etc.  The tech wouldn’t really comment on indoor vs outdoor plumbing, but as I said, kept calling Watson “he” and Crick “she” – which fits my suspicions.  Watson & Crick never really caught on with my family, so my mother’s now calling them Earl and Lurleen.  🙂 May have to use that at work, once I know sexes more accurately. 

I really hate discussing names with the broader public, because everyone wants to comment.  I mean, do I really care what someone that I see once a week or less thinks of my kid’s name?  Not really.  So it’s Earl (or possibly Mavis) and Lurleen (or maybe Vern) for now.  I’m keeping W&C for their blog names, though, at least until they make their official appearance. 

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9 Comments on “16 Week Ultrasound”

  1. Amy Says:

    W&C are adorable! So glad the scan went well. Are you going to have another u/s around 20 weeks, or was this the big anatomy scan? I feel the same way re: names, and when people ask if we have one picked out, I just tell them we’re keeping it secret until the birth.

  2. Michell Says:

    I kind of like the nicknames Watson and Crick.

  3. Chas Says:

    We haven’t chosen names yet either, but people are asking like crazy. Honestly, I thought people would be rude about names during my first pregnancy, but they really weren’t. Everyone kept their opinions to themselves. It wasn’t until after we revealed that we’d officially chosen the name Lila that people finally told us which of our other “maybe names” they’d hated, lol.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I think Watson & Crick are perfect nicknames. I’d just keep using them! But then I’m a science dork too. 😛 Anyway, I’m glad that everything seems to be in its place. Sorry for the scary bleed earlier, but it’s good that it seems to be nothing.

  5. Jillian Says:

    Fingers! *is happy for you* 😀

  6. gypsygrrl Says:

    oooh exciting to see the 16wk-ers! very cute little *waving hand* too…

    i check your blog often, but i am crappy at leaving a comment (cuz i am usually at work)


  7. chris parker Says:

    found your site through cali’s blog. congrats on the great ultrasound and things continuing to go so well. i am a twin mom as well. my boy/girl combo is 13 months old, but i feel like it was yesterday when i was posting my own ultrasound pics and dying to know who was in there. boys/girls/one of each? good luck and check out my blog if you want to!

  8. In the other haven’t surprised, and in обще it was pleasant, likely it is uneasy

  9. ultrasound Says:

    I can still remember how I felt going for those first ultrasounds. How amazing it was the first time I saw son’s heartbeat on that ultrasound screen, and how reassuring it was to hear it for the first time.

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