Busy Bee

What have I been up to?  Not blogging, that’s for sure.

Working, seemingly all the time.  Not sure how that happened.

OB appointment last Monday (6/9).  All’s well in fetusville, despite some spotting on Monday a.m. that freaked my shit out.  Cervix is long & closed & not doing anything whatsoever (rah – stay that way until Nov, would you?) according to OB, who found it somewhere around my left lung.  That was interesting.  And the spotting has now completely gone.  I think I pulled something by overexerting at work.  Bad me.  Still liking the OB a lot.  HRs 148 (Watson) and 152 (Crick, who was bouncing all over and playing hard to get.)  Measuring 23 weeks.  “Big” ultrasound to find out sexes is on 7/3. 

Played with the crappeigh u/s at work the other day, and Crick was jumping around like s/he was on a pogo stick, and Watson was sleeping.  I can just hear the yelling through the sac.  “Quit kicking me!  I wanna take a nap!”  Turned 16 wks this week.  Still not showing, despite my huge-ass uterus.  I’m sure my day will come there.  Am finally starting to put on some weight (hooray) so am up a total of 3-4 lbs from pre-IVF.  I dipped down around -2 or so during the first tri, then levelled off basically until last week.  Upward from here!  Still only needing mat jeans, although my smaller tops are no longer long enough.

Chicago family was in town this week, with two 12 yr old girls who think this (my pregnancy) is the most exciting thing to happen in years, and could we please please puh-lease go baby shopping?  Sweet kids, although one staunchly declares she’s never going to change a dirty diaper, but will make her husband do them all.  Snort.

Off to visit the parents today at the farm, for the next few days.  Should be a nice break.  Am exhausted after working/cousins/etc so could use a relaxing low-key few days.  Off to eat/shower/pack. 

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3 Comments on “Busy Bee”

  1. Chas Says:

    Since you’re not really showing yet, are people giving you a hard time about it? It took me a while to really start showing this time, despite it being twins, and people just kept making comments about how there was no way I was carrying twins…kind of made me mad…just hormonal I guess.

  2. Care Says:

    I was wondering where you disappeared to! Glad you and W&C are okay, and glad the spotting stopped. I’m laughing about Crick be-bopping around in there while Watson tries to get in a nap – it’s like a little glimpse into their personalities. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend at the farm.

  3. Natasha Says:

    So glad everything is ok! Was a little worried! Take it easy! Can’t wait to hear the genders of the little bambinos!

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