What’s New

1) Have a cold.  Snot + increased gag reflex = atrocious.

2) Coworker NP now pg with twins as well.  7 wks.  She’s as freaked as I was. 

3) Had a nice weekend with my mother (and have $100 of bedding plants to show for it) until #1 arrived.

4) 12 wks today.  Am beginning to wonder if I’m emerging from the uber-fatigue, and other than the respiratory-induced gagging, am much less nauseous.  Huzzah!  First appointment with the actual OB is tomorrow.

5) We played around with the exceedingly crappeigh trauma u/s machine last night (hence #2’s discovery – she’s calling her doc today to get a better u/s) and my shots are below.



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7 Comments on “What’s New”

  1. Chas Says:

    Congrats on making it to the second trimester! Hopefully the fatigue and nausea are on their way out for good. It took me a little longer to start feeling better this time with twins, so if it’s not gone in the next week or so…don’t worry.

  2. Jillian Says:

    Babies! *coo*

  3. Natasha Says:

    Adorable! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Kim Says:

    I’m so glad to hear from you. Was getting worried you were feeling really miserable with the m/s. Woohooo for getting to the end of that first trimester. I hope all of the m/s lets up for you soon. Can’t wait to hear about your appt. Great pics… can I come over and will you do mine! Ok.. I guess I can wait another week for my OB appt since gas is $4/gal. 😛

  5. Kim Says:

    Oh… and FWIW.. I am STILL exhausted at almost 19 weeks. I find that I am really well suited for Mexico right now.. a siesta in the afternoon would be perfect for me. My bad time is anywhere from 1pm-8pm for a few hrs each day. Ugh!

  6. Care Says:

    Watson and Crick are growing – love seeing the new pics. And how fun to have a coworker having twins too. Blech on the cold – hope it runs it’s course quickly.

  7. Lawmommy Says:

    I find it a little bit hilarious that you and your co-worker found out about her twins before her doctor did.

    Probably your co-worker does not find anything about this hilarious. (Maybe someday she will be able to look back and laugh and go, “oh how funny it was when Snarky Bitch and I found the twins” – but, probably not so much right now.)

    Pictures of the babies – 🙂


    I hope the morning sickness is letting up.

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