Two Observations

1) It is possible to eat a popsicle while drawing up and injecting one’s PIO.  Big time-saver there.

2) I may be gestating a lolcat.  All I want to eat for the last few days is cheeseburgers.  Lots and lots of cheeseburgers. 

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3 Comments on “Two Observations”

  1. tamaramay Says:

    mmmmm…..cheeseburgers..(Homer Simpson voice).

    Burger King Double Cheeseburger was my snack of choice during late pregnancy – the advantage of this was the small bun, so they were acceptable even on a gestational diabetic diet. Way too greasy for me to stomach when not pregnant, though.

  2. frog Says:

    tamaramay stole my opening line!

  3. My niece had triplets. Smiles. Congrats!

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