Spot Returns

I’m spotting more, now a deep pink although still not much in volume.  More like dark pink CM.  Am utterly freaked, and won’t know anything until 1) I actually m/c or 2) my sono on the 8th.  Oh, and the PIO is now giving me all kinds of welts on my ass where I inject it.  Lovely.  So I’m certain I’m carrying a nonviable pregnancy, and my butt itches.  Great combination.  And no, the RE doesn’t want to check my progesterone or anything (although, good grief, if the amount I’m on isn’t enough, I’ll fall over dead in shock) unless I have “cramping like a period or lots of bright red blood.”  OK then. 

Compounding all of this (emotionally at least) is the fact that my parents really are opposed to the pregnancy, opposed to the fact that I used IVF, and mostly opposed to the fact that I didn’t do what I ought to have and didn’t go to the Husband Store and pick one out.  Because clearly, that was my other option.  I went with becoming a SMC through IVF because that’s the easy way, rather than meeting some lovely man and having lots and lots of sex.  Anyway, I feel like I’m getting these bad vibes from them, and so of course can’t look to them for any kind of support.  It’s frankly assholish, is what it is.  I’ll elaborate more on their reactions in the “how I told the family” post that yes, is still coming.  Maybe later this afternoon. 

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16 Comments on “Spot Returns”

  1. Natasha Says:

    I am crossing everything for you!!! I hope little bug(s) are happily swimming around in there!!! I’m sorry your folks are being asshats! It sucks when you can’t count on the two people who should always support you. *HUGS*
    Sending positive thoughts your way!!!!

  2. Laura Says:

    Oy! No! Are you taking progesterone PV?

  3. Kristin Says:

    I’m so, so sorry you’re having to deal with all the crap from the parents on top of the spotting. As if the spotting wasn’t enough…

    I wish there was something I could do or say to make this better for you. Just know you’ve got tons of support from all of us in blogland!

  4. The other Carolyn Says:

    Not sure if it helps, but a little bird told me what you’d posted and thought it might be helpful to hear from someone who also spotted. Even gooshed a few times with bright red blood during both pregnancies, and in particular right around beta times, and directly after… It is normal, though completely heart stopping terrifying, I know. I remember with Carver I couldn’t frickin believe it, finally after all that time my *first* positive beta and the universe has me start bleeding about four hours after the phone call? I was like wtf, what have I done, was I some sort of serial killer in a past life?? I was so upset and scared.

    But as you know all turned out ok… hoping it does for you too… though you’ll never look at toilet paper the same again in your lifetime. I still look! 🙂

    And so sorry about your parents, I hope they will come round and love your little one once he/she is here… I’ve never seen that *not* happen with an smc. I was just sort of luckier in this dept because with my age I had all my parents friends and my parents themselves probably feeling sorry for me… “poor Carolyn, it’s now or never…” With you it’s just harder, more confusing for people… but you know all that…

    hope the bleeding stops soon.

  5. The other Carolyn Says:

    oops didn’t know that emoticon would show up, please ignore.

  6. Dianna Says:

    There’s a husband store? Seriously? Do they take returns???

    Huge hugs from the other side of town. I know how worried you must be. Take it upon yourself to laze about, eating bon bons and watching television. I’ve been there and nothing I can say will make you feel better until you see little heartbeats, but at least you can attempt to distract yourself.

    Thinking of you every day.

  7. vee Says:

    You should have got yourself a good wife before you did IVF – that would have really rattled their cage! Sorry they’re not being supportive when you sound like you could really do with it.

    The spotting must be tortuous. I’m sorry it’s happening and hoping that it’s nothing.

  8. Amy Says:

    So sorry about the spotting. Praying all is well with your little one(s). :::hugs:::

  9. Kristine Says:

    Sorry you are spotting. I am hope it stops real soon but I have to say I have talked to many of ladies who have spotted and all turned out ok. I know that won’t make you feel better but it might help you think of the positives. Can’t wait until you get to see those little heart beats. Sorry mom and dad aren’t being so supportive. Especially when you need it most!!!

  10. Well, the Husband store often sells questionable goods (and based on the large number of seriously defective Husbands I encounter in divorce court, I would think someone would have shut them down with some kind of product liability law suit!)

    I know I said this before, but, I spotted with Gabe.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  11. Ugh – I am sorry that your parents are being rotten and that the spotting continues. All digits and limbs crossed for you and W/C/R.

  12. Jude Says:

    Out, out damned spot!

    I really hope the spotting stops soon (like now), although I am another one of those who spotted/bled/gushed for 7 weeks straight (7w-14w) and have a spitfire of a baby to show for it.

    I am continuing to hope for good news for you, even if your family is less than excited. I am excited, dang it!

  13. Care Says:

    How inconsiderate of you not to take the traditional path, and all that lovely sex. I know my parents would have vastly preferred I take the Husband Store route as well – but they love my kids like mad. (Although they still think I need to get down to the Husband Store.) Sigh…

    I do hope the spotting stops. It’s nerve-wracking, to be sure.

  14. nycphoenix Says:

    i’m hoping for the best for you and your parents are weenies but hopefully they’ll come around

  15. frog Says:

    You’re in my thoughts. And your parents can bite me.

  16. mrsfox Says:

    *big hug* you seem way to stressed out to function properly, and seriously, you need to get more sleep. From the sound of these posts you’ve slept a whopping five hours in the past week. Take care of yourself and I can’t wait to see this intriguing “how I told my parents” post.

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