I’ve had a bit of a return of the spotting today, but the RE’s office was very reassuring, so that’s good.  It’s gone again now, after a 3 hour nap.  Soooooo tired. 

Still a little intermittently crampy (nothing new – have been since 12-13 dpo) and having more and more gastrointestinal TMI, but hey, that’s better than puking.  I’m sure being in the bathroom so many times a day contributes to my spotting, but what can you do? 

My weight is now precisely the same as it was prior to IVF (was down 1.5 lbs last week) so here’s hoping I can hold steady for a bit.  I’m taking belly shots each week, but at this point there’s zilch to show – just my own native belly pudge. 

And now, Amy‘s gone and posted an Ann Taylor Loft Maternity discount code, so I’m forced (forced!) to go shop over there.  (Kim et al, it’s MATERNITY25 and gets you 25% off and free shipping.) 

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One Comment on “5w0d”

  1. Laura Says:

    I am no longer spam! YAY!

    I haven’t bothered with belly shots just yet as there is WAY too much of me to show anything changing any time soon. On D I didn’t see a change until 15w!

    I have been looking over at Ann Taylor too.

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