So Far So Good

Only one tiny spot today, and it looked like “old” CM that had gotten dislodged, not like yesterday’s.  Feeling pretty good, but still repulsed by sweet/rich/chocolatey foods (cookies, ice cream, etc) which of course makes me want to look for pods in the basement. 

I’m loving anything sour that I can get my hands on, and fresh veggies.  And orange popsicles.  Apparently, craving sour things = boy, so there you go.  I have a strong boy feeling developing – not to the exclusion of a girl (could be boy/girl twins) but I would be shocked at the moment if there’s a single girl or girl/girl twins.  Shocked. 

At any rate, it appears that offering ponies/trips to DisneyWorld/guarantees of money for the ice cream truck seems to be working.  I’m 5 weeks tomorrow, and my u/s is two weeks from today. 

Also, I told my entire family about the pregnancy this weekend, and have much to say about that (mostly positive) but that’s another post.  Maybe tomorrow. 

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4 Comments on “So Far So Good”

  1. Lawmommy Says:

    I’m glad to Watson and/or Crick seem to be responding to the bribes and staying put.

    That’s funny that you don’t want anything sweet. My main craving while pregnant with a boy was for cold things – popsicles, frozen cherry coke and ice (just plain ice, which is weird because I hate ice normally and don’t use it in drinks or anything. But, when I was pregnant, I couldn’t get enough ice.)

  2. vee Says:

    Orange popsicles? You need to visit the Child Side (!

  3. I am so darn happy for you Snarky!

  4. Kim Says:

    I have craved sour foods/fruits with both…and obviously my first was a girl. So I dunno about the sour theory! 🙂

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