What About Crick?

So…my comments on betas on 14 dpo were a bit…premature.  I was using a cached version of betabase that day, since the genuine article wouldn’t load, and wouldn’t you know it that things on the actual site are a bit different.  You see, they separated out their twin pregnancy stats from their triplet stats, giving a whole new picture to the twin stats.

My stats & theirs are below.  I will leave you to draw your own conclusions about the relative likelihood of there being two occupants to my uterus at present, vs. one.  I’ll give the triplets or more stats too, for grins, but that’s of course vanishingly unlikely unless one of the blasts split.

Day               My beta              Avg single           Avg twin           Avg trip+

14 DPO:            120                       101                      201                   265

16 DPO:            356                       197                      395                   538

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6 Comments on “What About Crick?”

  1. FWIW, my betas have always been significantly higher than the singleton average and at or above the multiples average, and each time there’s been one occupant (healthy or not). This time they were QUITE high and I was worried all the way up and through my third u/s, convinced there was another sac hiding somewhere. Unless it’s GOOD and hidden, there ain’t! 😉

    So I think Rosalind is in there all by her happy self! Go Rosalind!

  2. Dianna Says:

    Would you like me to mention that my cousin (after multipe IVFs) is now pregnant? With Twins? And that they’re both boys? Heh.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Seems to me like the speed of doubling in combination with the number is a tad more indicative than just the number alone. And you did have a nice fast doubling. And a high second beta. So it’s entirely possible that Crick is still hanging around. Or not. It’s impossible to tell before u/s of course, but so interesting to speculate.

  4. Laura Says:

    Lovely numbers, lovely rise. Are you having a 3rd?

  5. Crystal Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Elowyn! It’s Crystal from FF – March IVF’ers! Just wanted to wish you well. I’m on my 2nd day of stims. I wish you a happy & healthy 9 months! 🙂

  6. I had a very fast doubling time too! 🙂

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