Random Observations

1) Piper likes cabbage.  I dropped a few small pieces while cutting it up to make corned beef and cabbage tonight, and she snarfed them.  The Hoover continues to keep her well-earned reputation.

2) Current pregnancy and/or progesterone symptoms:  Veiniest boobs in North America (my vampiresque skin doesn’t help) and gastrointestinal TMI.  Both starting at 9 dpo, if anyone’s playing along at home.  (It’s IVF, the home game!  Now with your very own miniature sharps box, magic super-bloat pills and some purple body paint to replicate the bruises!  Fun for all ages!)  Otherwise, I feel pretty decent, and wonder at times if I’m actually in some sort of rip-off of the Folgers coffee switch commercial, and that those watching me are hearing a voiceover saying “We’ve secretly switched her urine with that of a pregnant woman. Let’s see if she notices.” 

3) I desperately want sour things, fresh vegetables and milk.  I think those cravings are mostly progesterone-induced, fwiw. 

4) I got brave and joined the MDC due date club for November.  (November 26th, to be exact.  One day before Thanksgiving.)  I haven’t yet changed my tickers, added a pg category here, responded to the SMC board roll call (can’t decide what to put down – pg or ttc waiting for beta) or told the family.  One thing at a time.

5) Am reading the first Kathy Reichs book (Deja Dead) and am loving it.  Thanks for the rec, Gretchen.

6) Telling my parents:  I’m planning on putting together an Easter basket with an Easter onesie, a Grandma & Grandpa Easter card, some eggs containing baby items and some two-line HPTs.  Then putting in something about “our little chick is due to arrive on Turkey Day” or something.  This would require me to send it after the first beta but before the second, unless I overnight it (or unless my RE agrees to a beta tomorrow – let’s hope.)  They know I’m trying and due for a beta on Wednesday, but won’t expect me to tell results until I want to.  I’d like to wait for two betas, but want them to get it by Easter.  Thoughts?

7) Last, and really most important, I feel that I’m starting to gush about this whole little HCG adventure.  If at any time anyone’s uncomfortable, please feel free to tell me to stick a cork in it, or honestly I totally get it if you need to step back for a bit – I’ve done it myself on others’ blogs many a time.  I love having each and every one of you, and if, God forbid, this project goes south, I’ll need you all to help put my stuffings back in, but seriously, if you have to go, do it, and don’t feel a bit bad about it.  I’ve heard all about the first-time-successful-IVFer being almost as annoying as the uber-fertile first-time-TTCer, and I sooooooooo don’t want to be that girl.  So feel free to trout-slap me if necessary, k? 

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3 Comments on “Random Observations”

  1. Dianna Says:

    No slapping from this end of town. Gush all you like. In my humble opinion (and you know my history), that second line is always worth soem serious celebration. Plus… your first IVF success has been preceded by some seriously depressing crap. So whoop it up! And email me for a lunch date or you’re in deep trouble.

  2. Kim Says:

    Gush away! As of now…you’re preggers! I so hope the RE will do a beta tomorrow!!! OOh! Just so excited for you… but not jumping up and down…don’t want to wake that sacrificed goat or anything! 🙂 (cautious) Congrats!!!!

  3. vee Says:

    No bitch slapping. I’m happy you’re finally there and hoping like hell that you get 9 uneventful months and a baby at the end of it. Congrats. You deserve it.

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