11 DPO

Predictably, the little kids with their palm branches at church today got the waterworks going.  Geez.  I’m such a hormonal mess.

Today’s FRER seems darker than yesterday’s.  Today’s Target test was really hard to photograph (cloudy a.m. light isn’t as good as sunny p.m. light) so no comparisons there.

Here’s today’s:

And yesterday’s:

I’m too afraid yet to post tickers, tell family, join the DDC at mothering, anything like that.  I presume that will pass – maybe with beta, maybe with u/s, maybe with a few hundred more positive tests, I don’t know.  In the meantime, I told Starbuck last night, who was appropriately elated, and we spent the rest of the evening giggling like idiots at really stupid (and not that funny) jokes.  Any worry that I had about her not being totally excited is gone. 

Oh, and absolutely flying my science-nerd colors here, but Watson & Crick are the discoverers of the DNA double helix.  Seemed appropriate somehow.  😉

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10 Comments on “11 DPO”

  1. Dianna Says:

    I’m thinking incredibly good thoughts for you right now – elated giggling shall follow when we finally get together for lunch again! Oh my goodness – a Christmas baby????

  2. Yes, darker. No you ‘re not seeing things. And early ! Keep us updated! Cautiously optimistic for YOU! 😀

  3. Sarah Says:

    It’s definitely darker! 🙂

  4. Amy Says:

    Definitely darker 🙂 When is that beta again?!?!

  5. knittermama Says:

    Much darker! 😀

  6. Care Says:

    Yep, definately darker!

  7. Totally darker, no doubt. But now I am going to have to wish triplets upon you so that Rosalind Franklin can get her due right up there with Watson and Crick… 😉

  8. elowyn Says:

    LOL, Jen. You’re giving me college bio flashbacks (my roommate was Rosalind’s biggest fan.)

    We spent most of college yelling about Rosalind Franklin at every opportunity, but I just can’t wrap my mind around triplets. Please, God, no.

    Rosalind’s totally going to be the girl-nickname if there’s a girl. I felt bad leaving her out, but what can I say?

  9. Natasha Says:

    My heart races a little for you! Definitely darker!

  10. I would never, ever, wish triplets upon someone in reality! Just wanted some Rosalind props. We’re good. 🙂

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