Afternoon Surprise

I sat down just now to thank everyone for their great responses to the last post (camaraderie is good, even if it’s a group none of us really want to belong to) and to address some of the blog topics while drinking a diet pepsi and waking up from my post-work nap.  Meanwhile, in another room of the house, today’s first HPT was cooking.  I’ve been peeing on two sticks a day (one FRER, one Target +/-) and have had all negatives, but feel the need to keep peeing.  Today is 10 DPO or 5 dp5dt. 

Imagine my shock (and what might have come out of my more-than-slightly-profane mouth*) when I saw this:

Imagine my further shock when I dipped the FRER and almost immediately saw this:

Beta is on 3/19, and of course I’ll be testing daily until then.  Cautious optimism only, please.  It’s still tremendously early days yet, although this farther than I’ve ever gotten before, which is saying something.  It must have been the ritual goat sacrifice that did it, that and my extremely virtuous nature.  Snort. 

Regardless, it looks like Watson and/or Crick (my names for the blasts) have decided to, if nothing else, make my life a little more interesting for awhile.   

*For the record, I think it went “Oh my God” then “oh holy shit.”  And yes, I feel bad.  It’s Palm Sunday tomorrow.  What a trash-mouth. 

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9 Comments on “Afternoon Surprise”

  1. perchancetodream Says:

    Wow – that’s certainly something worth getting excited for!!!! Can I get the address of that goat? I could use one of those! 🙂

  2. Kristin Says:

    Holy crap! This is very interesting, indeed…in a cautious, and yet TOTALLY excited kind of way. 🙂

  3. Calliope Says:

    fuck. If only I had known that a ritual goat was what I needed…

    very, very, very nice photos you’ve got there my dear. LOVE that you are a daily tester.

  4. Amy Says:

    Sweet! I see those clear as day. Can’t wait to see tomorrow, and the next day’s, and the next… 🙂

    P.S. you are very brave for testing daily. Very brave!

  5. Cautiously, with excitement: YAAAAAAY!

  6. Well, there’s nothing like a good ritual goat sacrifice, I always say. (Um…actually I don’t. But, I might start.) I am cautiously crossing my fingers for Watson (as in “elementary my dear, Watson”? or some more recent pop culture reference?) and/or Crick. (I’m off to google “Crick” because I feel so in the dark.)

  7. Care Says:

    I am cautiously, and optomistically, jumping up and down for you. And may the pee-sticks just keep getting darker! Go Watson and Crick!

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