Peesticks, Power and Perennials

I thumbed my nose at the over-cautious IVF board types, and hardly spent any time in the recliner yesterday.  I went out for Mexican with Starbuck (yummy, and good gossip,) took down a malfunctioning light fixture for my grandmother, hit Target for peesticks for later in the week and a few other necessities, bought a replacement fixture, some overwintered bulbs and some pansies at Lowe’s, went to PEO and finally came home to stay about 9:45. 

I didn’t move too quickly at any point in there (which is getting harder as my ovaries are feeling much better, thank you, although the bloat persists) but was still up & around.  Frankly, given the position of my uterus, embryos are more likely to stay in when I’m upright than when I’m flat on my back.  And my general attitude at this point is que sera sera.

I just took an HPT this a.m. to make sure the trigger was gone, and it’s just a very faint line, so I’m thinking it’s on its way out.  Good deal.  Now when I test again in a few days I’ll know it’s an authentic result (one way or another.)

Today I’m planting pansies and bulbs, putting up grandma’s new light fixture and cabinet knobs and organizing the PEO records.  Don’t you wish you were here? 

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