Day 4

All 27 are still going.  No grades today, but they’re turning into morulas and on their way to blasts.  The embryologist says that day 4 is a sort of “teenager” phase, and that grading them today has no predictive benefit, so they don’t bother.  It’s absolutely bizarre to think of my embryos going through all those changes that I learned about (and taught) with sea urchin eggs back in college.  Bio degree’s paying off! 

I go for transfer tomorrow at 9:00, actual transfer at 9:30.  Hurray.  And she was very sweet about rescheduling me, so that’s good.  No other time-sensitive (at least to this degree) appointments until I do an FET or another IVF. 

I’m still shooting myself up with PIO, rather than getting my friend to do it.  It’s really not as hard as people make it out to be.  Very much of a psych game.  Some of my lupron shots hurt more, with the dull needle from drawing up the meds.

In other good news, we’re getting a raise at work, and get this – the monthly amount is almost exactly the amount of my IVF payment.  Thank God!   

BTW, the ovaries are still hurting, I’m still bloated, but it seems to be decreasing slightly each day.  I worked my first full shift last night since ER, and the only problem was the absolute fatigue from the progesterone.  I hurt, sure, but not too much to work.  But I couldn’t keep my eyes open!  I hope tonight will be better, having slept all day.

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2 Comments on “Day 4”

  1. Jess Says:

    Best of luck to you tomorrow! I’m hoping to hear great news in about a week or so!

  2. Care Says:

    Wow – all 27 are still going strong? That’s awesome! Good luck tomorrow. I’ll be sending you sticky post-transfer thoughts from the deep south. And woohoo for the pay raise – great timing for sure!

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