T-44 hours and Counting

Retrieval is officially scheduled for 0845 on Wednesday 3/5.  We have to be there at 8:15.  The other 1/2 of the “we” is still to be determined.  I trigger tonight at 9:45 (while at work, such fun) and am supposed to take my gram of zithromax at the same time. 

Shall we calculate the odds of my doing so (when 250 mg prompted the TMI post below) while at work?  Approaching zero.  I’ll take it in the a.m. when I get home, or otherwise I’ll spend a few hours, shall we say, indisposed while at work.  No thank you.  I don’t have chlamydia, and just finished a regular z-pack, so the flora are pretty quiet right now anyway.  9 hours +/- just isn’t going to matter. 

Good finding-a-driver thoughts appreciated.  I’m a bit worried about that part, but hope to have it sorted out this afternoon (am waiting for some call-backs.)   

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7 Comments on “T-44 hours and Counting”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Crossing everything for you! Can’t wait for updates!!!

  2. Care Says:

    So excited for you – sounds like the nun-pee and all that other fun stuff has been working overtime! Good luck, hope all goes smoothly on Wed, and hope the driver issues sorts itself out.

  3. You don’t have chlamydia? Are you sure you were never roofied and left alone with a squicky geek who might have it in him to blow up a busload full of your compadres?

    (Sorry…couldn’t resist the VM reference – it was a compulsion I had no control over. I just re-watched the last episode of Season 2 the other day)…

    Good luck with the procreating,

  4. elowyn Says:

    lol Gretchen.

  5. Amy Says:

    Good luck tomorrow! I hope you were able to find a friend to take you to and fro. 🙂

  6. Amy Says:

    Sending you positive thoughts this morning! GOOD LUCK at your ER!!!

  7. Care Says:

    Today’s the day – good luck!!!!!!

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