I’ve been up between 5:30 and 6:30 every morning since about day 4 of stims (other than the days I work, on which I’m still at work at that time.)  I don’t know if it’s the FSH, or the E2, or the anxiety, or, as suggested by the financial coordinator as we joked the other day, some added speed in the Bravelle (their special little secret.)  I’m up, nonetheless. 

I can fall asleep easily at any other time, but going back to sleep at 0530, despite the warm bed, snuggly dog, dark room, etc is entirely impossible.  One day I just got up and hung curtains.  Other days, I blearily watch the news and try to fall back asleep.  Today, however, I think I’ve come upon the perfect solution.  Recliner + aforementioned snuggly dog + fleece blanket + Pride & Prejudice (the 90’s BBC version, obviously) + a nice bowl of Cheerios.  It’s not another hour of sleep, but I’ll take it.   

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