Today’s visit to the dildocam reveals “quite a few” (I’d say 25-30ish) follicles ranging from 12 to 22 mm, most in the 16-20 range, and an E2 of greater than 3000 (the lab needs to dilute it and re-run it, and the office will call me with the final number tomorrow – it doesn’t change our plans.)  I’m doing one more night of stims (just 75IU of Bravelle tonight, along with my usual Menopur and Lupron) then triggering tomorrow night for a Wednesday retrieval.

They’ll call tomorrow with my final E2 number, and the time for my retrieval (and hence the time for my trigger) and one hopes that I can find a ride to & from the procedure.  I have about five options, plus a few long shots, so am hoping someone comes through for me.  It’s a challenge given that I don’t have a spouse that’s required to go to these things, and most of my friends/family work for a living.  Something will pan out (or there’s always the hospital-adjacent Holiday Inn.) 

I’m supposed to avoid strenuous activities now, too, given my ginormous ovaries.  I’m just happy for the excuse to not have to help move patients, etc, as that was getting a little painful. 

ETA: E2 was 3629.  Woo!

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3 Comments on “Coasting”

  1. Kim Says:

    Woohooo!!! I’m so excited for you and anxious to hear the numbers in the coming days and weeks! 🙂 Darn it… wish I was closer so I could drive you..and you could rub my belly for luck… there.. I rubbed it for ya!!! Oooh! Keep us posted!!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Dang, I wish I had your ovaries! Good luck with trigger and finding someone to drive you – I know that stress all too well of having to have several people lined up, depending on what day ER ends up being!

  3. Jess Says:

    Hi, I wanted to delurk to say hello and to wish you luck on your retrieval. Sounds like you are totally loaded with follies. Looking forward to reading how things go. Good luck!!

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