Lots and lots of follicles. 

Dr. Metrosexual measured around 20 follicles, all in the 18-12 mm range, and there were a good 10-15 more that he didn’t bother measuring (same rough sizes.)  E2 is pending, and will affect how we proceed meds-wise.  I go back on 3/2.  Estimated ER is 3/4 or 3/5.

And now, off to bed with me, for a little while, at least. 

ETA: E2 1965 (“a good year” according to Nurse Competent, who totally amuses me) & will decrease Bravelle to 150 IU, continue Menopur 75 IU & Lupron 3 U.  Then we’ll see on Sunday.

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9 Comments on “Follicles”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Wow, that’s a great response! I hope they’re all still looking nice by the next follicle check. And no wonder you’re sore, huh?

  2. Calliope Says:

    OUCH! I am just imagining how your gut is feeling right now.

    How was your E2??


  3. Kim Says:

    Wooohooo!!! That is great! If yours goes anything like my first one you’re gonna be a bit miserable for a bit but it will totally be worth it!!! I just know this is going to work!!!!

  4. Care Says:

    Yeah for lots of follies – things are looking good!

  5. Kristine Says:

    Great numbers!! I had 22 I think when I had my ER, I was a little sore for a couple of days afterwards but nothing you can’t handle. Good Luck!!!

  6. Katrina Says:

    Oh, Kate, this sounds very promising! 🙂 Good luck!

  7. knittermama Says:

    Sounds great! 🙂

  8. Natasha Says:

    Good Luck!!!!!

  9. Amy Says:

    Such great progress! I hope you’re not in too much discomfort, what with the tomato-sized ovaries and all, and I hope you’re able to relax this weekend. With your ER on Wed and mine likely on Thursday or Friday, it sounds like next week is going to be exciting!

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