More Nun Pee

Tonight I added Menopur to my drug cocktail of Bravelle, Lupron, metformin, prenatal, baby aspirin & (for the ol’ sinuses) Zithromax.  Apparently, I can mix the Bravelle & Menopur in one injection, but of course I forgot to ask/look it up until I was already mixing the injection (will have to take pictures of the whole little chemistry setup sometime) and was already at the late end of my injection window, so…will be back to two injections tomorrow night rather than three.  The ovaries are feeling bigger/more painful today (of course, that might have something to do with all the carrying of boxes/putting together shelves that I’ve been doing in the craft room.)  Here’s hoping I don’t overstim.

Also, I love that any post labelled TMI automatically gets read/commented on.  Hehe.   

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