Fully Suppressed

Well, I haven’t taken out my entire city in a Lupron-fuelled nuclear apocalypse, so I consider the past few days a success.  And by some miracle, my head doesn’t hurt at the moment (after 72 hours of futile attempts involving tylenol & caffeine.)  Although that post-BCP period…wow.  Hemorrhage.  Here’s hoping it’s my last for a good long while.

My baseline appointment yesterday went well.  Dozens of antral follicles, E2 was 47, all systems are go to start stims tonight.  I’m dropping my Lupron down to 3 U, and starting Bravelle 225 IU, with a recheck on the 26th.

Off to chill out with Piper and make some dinner (have slept all day post-work, so am starving) and play with my chemistry set (the Bravelle is 3 vials’ worth.) 

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3 Comments on “Fully Suppressed”

  1. tina Says:

    hey there, just came over from Calliope’s blog. i’m on day 3 of lupron for my first IVF and really appreciate the heads up on the potential crazies ahead. my partner and i were just laughing like mad over your “why do i want a fucking baby” rant. so familiar. we want to print it out and hang it up next to our IVF cycle calendar on the fridge. i so needed the laugh release. thanks — and i’ll be back. wish you the best —

  2. Natasha Says:

    I am crossing everything for you!!!

  3. Amy Says:

    Elowyn, so glad I was able to find your blog again! What great news about your baseline U/S and b/w yesterday. Looks like you and I are on pretty much the same schedule – I had my baseline workup today and start stims tomorrow. I, too, am having the post-BCP hemorrhage + post-caffeine withdrawal symptoms. I’ll definitely be keeping up with your cycle now 🙂 Any news from our FF group?

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