The Fun Continues

I’m now getting the Lupron headaches.  Very nice.  Think of a hot poker running from one temple to the other.  Kinda like an incurable caffeine headache.  Have taken so much tylenol my liver’s running in fear.

Between the headaches and the heavy period and the bad attitude, my general mindset at the moment is as follows:  “Why the fuck do I want a fucking baby anyway.  It’ll just be a fucking lot of work, and my fucking life fucking sucks all the fucking time all fucking ready.”  Yes, friends, I’m a cheerful dame to be around. 

Isn’t it exciting that I’m working (and therefore required to mix in society) four out of the next five nights (and worked last night)?  Yes.  It is.  Poor, poor coworkers.  I am really trying to behave and be nice at work, but it’s really, really difficult. 

The quick version of the weekend trip:  The four of us (three of the nurses and myself) road-tripped to a relatively-nearby Midwest city, where we ate a lot of unhealthy food, did a lot of shopping, stayed at a gorgeous Doubletree for not much $$ (and enjoyed their warm chocolate chip-oatmeal-nut cookies) and went to see these guys in concert.  The concert was faboo, despite our nosebleed-level seats and the fact that we had about a four-block walk in -10 degree windchill from the arena to our car.  All in all, we had a great time, no one smothered anyone else with a pillow in her sleep, and we’re thinking about a trip to Chicago in the summer. 

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4 Comments on “The Fun Continues”

  1. Kristine Says:

    Glad you had a good trip!!
    Hope you make it to Chicago in the summer, I just LOVE that city!!!

  2. It’s good to have people you can travel with. Such friends can be hard to come by.

    I’ve heard of many other people becoming viciously wicked while taking Lupron…sorry about the headaches and I hope you don’t have to take it very long.

    Thank you for finding the song I was obsessing about!

  3. nycphoenix Says:

    water water water is your best friend furing the lupron phase. drink it like you just finished a salt lick in the Mojave

  4. Jillian Says:

    back to my neighborhood for a bit? let me know if you have any free times. 😀

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