Oh Deah Gott

Home from the trip, which was great fun, and will post more on that later.  I just had to post about the Lupron crazies.  OMG.  Holy hell.  I’m bonkers.  Can’t think, feels like early Alzheimer’s, hot flashes, insomnia *and* fits of temper that put my PMS symptoms to shame. 

I seriously about had a nuclear meltdown last night while we were driving around trying to find someplace to eat.  And of course the only person I was with that knows about the Lupron (and the side effects) was being a pain about it.  I’m muttering under my breath, trying to stay calm and not just park the car and run shrieking back into the hotel, and she’s all “you just need to settle down and be nice.”  Thanks, mom.  Argh.  Still makes my blood boil.  When do I get my estrogen back?  (Sometime this weekend – first stims are on the 22nd.)

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4 Comments on “Oh Deah Gott”

  1. I was a pretty big mess yesterday myself. Near tears about something that today I’m like. NOW What was I upset about? And I am NOT medicated. Maybe I should be.:D

  2. Calliope Says:

    ahhhh…welcome to the world of loopy lupron. It is maddening! Hang in there- things do get better once you can start stimming.

  3. Kristine Says:

    I was lucky to not have to do lupron during my IVF but I have heard the horror stories. Hope your feeling more like your self real soon.

  4. Calliope Says:

    hey lady! Will you e-mail me? I am posting your photo on the photo friday website tomorrow (woo hoo!) but I need you to start mulling on next week’s theme. Could you e-mail it to me by Monday evening?

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