Out, Damn’d Spot

A few disorganized thoughts:

1) Day 4 on Lupron – not insane yet.  Film at 11.  I’m told to watch out for day #6.

2) Day 4 of brown spotting.  Connection to #1?  Unsure.

3) Last BCP taken this a.m.  No more until next IVF cycle.

4) ‘Tis raining.  Since about 5 p.m., continuously.  Piper is not amused, as she holds me personally responsible for the weather, and the arooing when I can’t make it quit raining is quite fierce.  Not to mention the recurring “let me out” followed by “won’t go, falling water will melt me.”  Also, wet dog?  Icky.

5) Heading out tomorrow for a girls trip with three of the nurses from the House of God.  Am hoping the rain doesn’t turn to nastier precip overnight.  Also trying to figure out how to hide my (refrigerated) lupron stash from them, and how to explain the no drinking.  Only one is hip to my secret mind-altering-drug-shooting plans.  I may just have to fess up and swear them to secrecy.

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One Comment on “Out, Damn’d Spot”

  1. Care Says:

    Fun! Hope you have a great time, and hope the weather didn’t stray to the nasty side. My parents are headed back from Ohio in this mess (we’ve had the non-stop rain here too.)

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