Wow.  I’m officially off of caffeine.  Can’t say that I’m feeling some kind of nirvana state or anything, but it’s good to know that I can have very little/none while doing this cycle, and not have to worry about headaches and whatnot. 

I did have a coke today, but it wasn’t the headachy desperate “gotta-have-a-coke-it’s-been-12-hours” of old, just the “hmm…I’d like a coke” just like the “hmm…I’d like a pickle” sort of craving.  No headache.  A bit sleepier in general (I’m borderline narcoleptic even when fully caffeinated) but nothing unmanageable.  And I went almost 48 hours without a bit of it, which tells me I’m well and truly off the junk. 

Now I can have the occasional coke, and enjoy it, and not feel dependent.  Hooray! 

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